My Bluegrass Baby

My Bluegrass Baby - Molly Harper I love Molly Harper's vampire and werewolf series so I was curious about this one when it came wandering in the review request pile. I really didn't hesitate and dove into the book quickly. Now for those that also love her paranormal books, do realize that this is chick-lit and not her paranormal fare. This is a contemporary romance set in her home state of Kentucky and it is not only a romance for our main characters but also a love letter to Kentucky itself.

In this we have Sadie who has found work that she loves promoting the state that she loves. In walks in Josh who is after her almost newly appointed job as director. She was a shoe in until Josh showed up and almost had the rug pulled out from her. Their current boss who is about to retire decide to hold a competition and let the people decide at the state fair who gets the job. With both of them having two completely different tactics no one knows who will win. Plus, with all the smexy tension, will it work out if one wins and the other doesn't?

I have to say that I did like both characters and some of the secondary ones as well. I admit I had more problems with Josh than Sadie mostly because Sadie would come clean when she flubbed up something and Josh had to be pushed to admit his failings. However, when he did come clean, he did so with complete honesty. Still, I had a bit of a problem with him at times.

I also have to say this one is a bit dry as compared to her paranormal books. Perhaps this is because you can go completely off the deep end in humor and adventure and it works. Within a contemporary you are restrained to what is believable. Still, I did enjoy the tension and romance between our two and did find myself chuckling a bit at Sadie and her snark.

I give this book 3 1/2 stars. I recommend it to those that really want and HEA and enjoy chick-lit. This book is also $1.99 for a limited time.