Leashing the Tempest

Leashing the Tempest - Jenn Bennett This is a novella that goes along with the series. I honestly think it should be read in order because you are in full awareness of the characters leading this adventure and you are already invested in them. Plus, this follows the series chronologically.

My fave UF dad, Lon, his son Jupe and Cady are all back in this novella where they are just looking for a small get away for some fun. However, the captain of the ship has a few secrets he's keeping. The secrets plus a precocious Jupe all add up to some trouble for the group. Nothing is ever easy in Cady's life.

This short adventure is fun and keeps with the same feel as the other books in this series. If you have read the other 2 books, you will love this short installment. It complements it perfectly. I love the characters in this book and it helps with the time waiting for the next book due in May. Just a little, because May is a long time away. *sigh*

I give this novella 4 1/2 stars. It's a perfect little short that brings back some of my fave characters. I recommend it to those that love this series already!