Fatal Circle

Fatal Circle - Linda  Robertson Need to say this first... this series keeps on getting better. I think I've enjoyed this book most of all. I will also have to say that there were times when I thought Persephone was being manipulated again, but really in a much smaller way. However, even though it felt like that at times, it really wasn't that way at all. She was still learning and growing... under fire so to speak... so what she decided made sense. She still is ruled by emotions that overtake her, however, I also suspect that will be a growth aspect coming.

As far as Johnny is concerned... I still don't want to spoil anything I've said in the last review of this series, however he is present with his own trial and tribulations. Menessos is also paramount within this book. FINALLY I have to say that I would trust him much more now. His veneer has cracked and some human emotions erupt. However, do not expect this to happen for much of the book. For those that enjoy his arrogance, you will not be disappointed. :)

In the end I give this book 4 1/2 stars. I really enjoyed this one and even gave a tear at one time in the book. It isn't a cliffie ending, but important information is missing. So much so that I had to look at the back of the next two books (which I have) to see what happens. Had to know, but I'm not telling anything. *evil laugh*