Targets of Opportunity

Targets of Opportunity - Jeffrey S. Stephens This book is the second book with Jordan Sandor as a "have his own rules" spy. The first is Targets of Deception. You do not need to read the first book to get caught up with this one, but in terms of having a connection with Sandor it helps. You don't get connected to him much, unless the first one is read. It isn't essential to the story since this one is mostly about international and political intrigue, but since Sandor is much more of a cad toward women in this one than the last, it helped me. :)

Now, Sandor isn't too bad of a cad, but he does seem to see women in one dimension, with the exception of Hea who plays a central part in this tale in getting his arse out of North Korea in one piece. I really liked the respect he had for her, with the exception at times I felt he was too forward. With so much going on all at once, this wasn't too often, but often enough I felt that he would have gone further if he had the time. Also, in the last book I complained about the woman in the book as not being competent. Hea, was not incompetent and in fact, I think surpassed Jordan in some ways. She never took anything for granted including her own family's safety. She is one character I'd love to get to know more.

The one character you did have sympathy for in a surprising way was Jabbar. You don't just get the one dimensional terrorist caricature. I appreciated that and even though he was a "bad" guy, you felt that he was truly trying to do what was right while trying to protect his own life as well as his wife's. I like it when you get a more rounded view of secondary characters.

I give this book 4 stars. It's much more about political intrigue than the last book which was more action oriented. It is a large book, but reads quite quickly. I recommend it to those that love international twists and turns in thrillers where the end goal isn't revealed until the end.