Devil May Care

Devil May Care - Patricia Eimer It's been quite awhile since I read the first book in this series. The first book, Luck of the Devil, was published in Aug, 2011. So, although it was quite a while from the first book, it took me a minute to catch up to the characters... but not really that long at all. I usually remember odd and fun characters and it came back to me rather quickly. Like the first book, this one was full of fun, snark, and a bit of adventure. I do recommend you start with that first book to get a feel for their characters, but it's not absolutely necessary. Yes, you heard it... I'm recommending you read it in order... ;)

I loved the way the author handles these characters. Their choices may not be dictated by their nature. Evil may be done by an angale, the good and innocent by one of the devil's minions. They might agree that their very nature is good or evil by the group they are born into, but still their behavior comes off as quite human only enhanced by who is in their family. For Faith, the devil is her father, while her uncle is god. Don't forget her meddling cousin, Jesus... or J. :) The writing makes this all sweet and I really enjoyed how the author writes the secondary characters as well. However, I have one complaint....

The ending! Eep! That ending. All I have to say is that I better not have to wait so long for the 3rd book. ;) It's not a cliffie, but you will be wanting to know what happens while kicking a certain demon's butt. I'm also hoping we will get more with Mal, Faith's bodyguard whom I have gotten more curious about since we get a glimpse into his past.

I give this book 4 stars. I recommend it to those that like fun in their PNR. I can see fans of Molly Harper's humor also enjoy this series. This book will be published on the 26th.