Immortal Ever After

Immortal Ever After - Lynsay Sands This book is #18 in the series and I haven't read any of the 17 prior. In PNR and especially in long running series like this, I know I can often pick up a book and not be lost at all. This was the case with this book. However, I have to say this will not be my last book in this series and I do want to go back to #1 and read about what romances I did miss.

I do have to say that although that most of the book wasn't new, it was still fun. What was a bit different was Valerie. Often the girl is in need of rescuing and is a bit on the weak side in these types of books. However, Valerie is someone who does not wait for rescue and does what she can to save her self and others. Not only did I like that she was strong in personality, she was smart and also thought of others. When she was kidnapped with other women to be used as cattle, she didn't just want to save herself, she wanted to save the others as well. Also, I have to give major props to her as she had a dog she constantly worried about. She trained the dog well and she really cared about animals. She was even a veterinarian. Yep, you can safely say I really liked Valerie.

Anders was a good compliment to her. Brooding and taciturn he was one who was not looking for a life mate. When the signals happen to suggest he found his life mate, he was reluctant, but also willing to figure if Valerie is truly the one for him. I liked this about him. It was insta-lust, but not insta-love. He anticipated the lust as finding a life mate has that affect and he was well aware of it. He also tried to make it so Valerie was also not overwhelmed but made her decision on if they were to be together on her time and in her way. I also loved it when he finally figured out he loved her and that was a sweet surprise.

I give this book 4 stars. I had fun with this book. It's a book you want when you want to read about a little hot smex with a strong woman and a HEA. I recommend this one and I also say you don't have to read any of the others to really get into this world.