Wicked Kiss

Wicked Kiss - Michelle Rowen This is book 2 in the Nightwatchers series, and Dark Kiss is the first book. And while you could read this one without reading the first, I don't suggest it. I do think you get a better feel for what Sam has gone through and also a better feel for all the characters.

I think I enjoyed this book more than I did the first book. Also, in the first book I have to admit I was so much more interested in Kraven than Bishop. However in this book, I think that Bishop outshines Kraven (to those that haven't read the first, no love triangle. Thought I should mention that). I think Bishop interested me in this book more because we get to see that he isn't perfect and that there was some darkness in his past even if he was an angel. Oh and fans of Kraven don't have to worry, I still loved that demon. Still had his snark and even a vulnerable moment or two. Hopefully if there is more to this series, we get a Kraven book. I still really enjoy him. :D

I give this book 4 stars. The twists in the book were predictable, but still entertaining. I enjoyed my time here and I also enjoyed the twist on zombies this world has. A few questions still remain about the grays in particular which amounts to a small plot hole, but nothing that bugged me too much. Hopefully a novella or another novel will take care of that hole and fill in the answers. :)