Highlander Most Wanted

Highlander Most Wanted - Maya Banks This is the second book in the Montgomerys and Armstrongs saga and no, I did not read the first. I have heard about how good Maya Banks was so when I had a chance to pick up this book, I took it. :) You can read it as a stand alone and not be lost for a second. I also read this book in one day.

Genevieve has spent a year in hell. Abused in every manner possible by Ian McHugh. Ian is dead now and she sees her salvation in the Montgomerys and Armstrongs coming to take the keep and kill Ian's father. However, the father has fled and left Genevieve and others to defend for themselves. Bowen steps in as temporary laird and tries to set what was wronged to right. It's a hard test for Bowen especially since the McHughs are anything but trustworthy. Plus, the lass, Genevieve has him twisted and really doesn't know what to think about her.

I have to say that most of this book had me in tears. Genevieve had suffered so much abuse and hate and continued to suffer it after her "rescue". She was scarred inside and out. Every time someone showed her a huge amount of kindness I would tear. That kindness was also enhanced by the cruelty she suffered by the animosity from the McHughs even though she had done nothing to warrant such behavior. I can't believe that the author made me tear so much! Oh yea, there were times I wanted to kick Bowen in the arse for being a... well, arse.. but he totally won me over with his willingness to listen and weigh his judgement carefully even if he had to have his bouts of doubt and anger first. Made it a bit more genuine.

I give this book 4 1/2 stars. I really enjoyed the scarred female/ ultra hot male twist. This one was done well and it won't be my last one in the series. I so need to pick up that first one.