The Breeders

The Breeders - Katie French Let me tell you I did not expect this book. I knew it was dystopian and that it would have some dark themes running through this book, but I really didn't expect something so dark. Yes, this comes from someone who has said that YA doesn't go dark enough. Well, this one was close to pitch dark.

Now, for those that don't like it too dark, I do suggest you give this one a try. It's very engaging and you really get a feel for Riley and her situation. You become quite entangled in her adventure and that is why it becomes so dark. You root for Riley, but you cannot see a solution for her that would allow a perfectly happy HEA, only a best case scenario. In this world being a woman is dangerous. You are not human, you are property, period. You will also like the love interest, Clay. I enjoyed his character growth as much as Riley's.

I don't want to give away too much. Some of the interest came with figuring out how harrowing life is in this dystopian world. I would suggest that this is for older YA groups as well as adults. It has talk about rape and some gore. It fits the world though and makes it quite realistic. The ending is pretty complete, but you can see there are threads open that lend itself to a series. Yes, I do want to know what happens next. I give this book 4 stars.