Blood Winter

Blood Winter - Diana Pharaoh Francis I have to say that this was another great addition to the Horngate Witch series. I'm also heartbroken to hear the rumor that this may be the last one. NO! I'm hoping that it is only a rumor since this book didn't feel like an end of the series type of book. It's not a cliffie book. It is complete, but threads left open with one of them I really need a resolution. NEEDS! Nope, not an ending at all... *sigh*


Within this book we are dealing with what seems like a zealot witch with a lot of power running a deadly cult. Looks in this world are rarely what they seem and it is the case in this story as well. Again, Max is faced with insurmountable odds and only her wit and snark pull her out. I also love that the blades are getting snark rubbed off on them. It's fun to see them tease each other and it brings a smile to my face.

My biggest criticism comes from the romance in this book. Granted it is a UF series and so there is going to be very little romance. However, Max and Alexander both have quite a bit of angst in this book and sometimes you just wanted to kick drop both of them so they can get it together. In the end it is resolved, but I'm not telling you which way it went. All I will say is it made sense. :D

I give this book 4 stars. I really enjoyed my time here and if I don't get another book I will be VERY disappointed. I need Max to go and demand another story of hers be told. Trust me, they wouldn't say no to her. :)