Full Blooded

Full Blooded - Amanda  Carlson I have to say that I throughly enjoyed this book. In fact it just took me a little over a day to finish it because I just had to know what happened next. It's a fun UF with a good dose of PNR. I really enjoyed the pace of the book which was quite fast. It seems that like other heroines, Jessica has nothing but trouble coming her way.

What I do think I enjoyed most was a lot of the plot angles were missing in this book that you get with this genre. One was that the heroine somehow forgets that they need to follow rules and that there will be consequences. This is one plot device that always bothers me. However, in this book Jessica is usually on top of those things and never forgets the consequences. Instead of her beast knowing what is best, it is Jessica and she often has to convince or remind her wolf. I liked that because the baser instincts SHOULD be the wolf's and not the insipid female which happens a lot. Even when she has to defy rules, she does it in full awareness. Yes, Jessica may not be a brainiac, but she does have smarts and uses her brain.

I also like that even though she is new and in the dark about what it means (another familiar plot device), she is forging ahead not by bumbling (even though she has no choice at times) but by using the knowledge she DOES have to try to figure out the best way out of or into a situation. I also like the way she was introduced to her mate and that it felt like they were mated even in such a short time. Sometimes that is a hard thing to pull off.

I also enjoyed the secondary characters and how carefully the world is constructed. Plot points were not ignored for the ease of moving things along. In other words, you felt that if there was a threat made, it would be followed through if forced. It would not be moved aside for the sake of the story.

I give this book 4 1/2 stars. I deducted a 1/2 star since everything was not wrapped up. It wasn't exactly a cliffie but it was a bit abrupt (not too much, but enough) and some things introduced in the end was not solved. That might have been better to start the second book instead of having it at the end of the first. Luckily the second one is already out and available. :)