Hot Blooded

Hot Blooded - Amanda  Carlson This book picks up right after the last book left off. It is the journey you were expecting and it did not disappoint. Lots of action and adventure in harrowing circumstances. In fact it was nearly never ending. It makes sense since the evil Selene wouldn't give up her prize easily. You also get some more insight into the world in which they live and you are also learning with the rest of them. Most of the things weren't known to the weres because they had no need to learn them. The group realizes now that is a mistake. So, I suspect we will be getting even more in depth world learning as the series progresses.

We also learn more about Jessica's abilities and we meet more secondary characters. Danny is the comic relief and I can't wait to see more of him. We also meet some vampires and we really get to know the detective, Ray who gave her hell in the last book. With those characters you appropriately like the ones you are supposed to and even warm up to the others except the evil ones. :) My only complaint is that you know no more about Rourke in this book than in the first. Very frustrating but also something to look forward!

I give this adventure 4 stars. I enjoyed it and it reminded me a lot of the Persephone Alcmedi series I recently reviewed. Both have a strong intelligent female with great power who is prophesied to bring justice to the world. I'm enjoying that angle. One warning.... this book also ends with a sort of cliffie. I actually don't like this. The adventure is complete, but the start of the next series is the ending of this one as it was in the first book. I would have liked it better if she stopped one chapter back. I would have still craved that next book (without frustration!). This book is out today!