Predatory - Alexandra Ivy, Nina Bangs, Dianne Duvall, Hannah Jayne I know that some people enjoy anthologies and some don't. I admit, I fall into the former category. I like introductions to new worlds that I want to visit because it is part of a series I want to read or just visiting worlds just invented for the short story. I also think that short stories are very hard to write. You have to develop a connection and a world in a very short time. So when it works, I really enjoy it.

In this anthology 2 of the 4 stories was an introduction to a new series and another one was part of an already established series. These were my favorites. Out of Control brings us an interesting world where people develop paranormal abilities and are separated from the "norms". It's a great start to the series and has me interested in further stories. In some way the romance felt a bit forced due to the length, but yet still kept my interest. I'm very curious as to how this world evolves within the series. I'm looking forward to reading it.

In Ties That Bind, I think this one isn't an introduction to a new series. I thought it really started off with a bang and was very gritty and gothic. Much darker than most PNR you read. However, it sort of got a bit funny to me when what kills others is the beauty of the vampire. Some may eye roll at this and some may actually love the creativity within. I did both, but was entertained no matter what my eyes were doing.

In Still Darkness is a part of an established series (Immortal Guardians) which I have read and reviewed. I love this world and the stories and this one was just so much fun going back to that world and learning about another character. You don't have to have read the others to get it, but it makes it just that much more fun if you had. If you love this series (like me) then you will really love this short.

High Stakes is a fun PNR with a lot of tongue in cheek. I suspect I will like this series much better when there is more time to really explore the mysteries surrounding the main character Nina. I also think I will have more fun with a longer novel as it should really bring out Nina's snark. I can see the beginnings of excellent snark... can't wait to see how it is even better pulled off.

All in all I give this anthology 4 stars. Like other anthologies you will enjoy some more than others, but in all, it was an entertaining book. Great for introductions to other PNR worlds which is what I think this book was all about. It pulled it off nicely. :)