Impostor - Susanne Winnacker This is a variation on the theme of kids finding out they have incredible powers and solving crimes. I usually love those kind of stories and this was no exception.

Tessa is a sensitive young girl who has had a life that was anything less than perfect. Rejected by her parents she finds a sort of home in the government program who identifies and then exploits their talents to solve federal crime, often those with other "variant" powers. Tessa is sent on a mission before she is mentally mature enough to handle the consequences, but decides that catching the killer is more important than her issues with posing as a dead girl. This is where I think the author shines. She does not shy away from Tessa's sensitivity but embraces it and shows how vulnerable this can make her. How this would affect someone who hasn't yet fully developed their own personality first.

As for the rest of it... what happens... you'll just have to read it to find out. *evil laugh*

I do have one niggle that bothered me from a sci-fi POV: How did she absorb scars and environmental "defects" when absorbing the DNA for the shift to another person? This wasn't addressed and I'm quite curious to the explanation. Perhaps I will get it as the series progresses. I hope so!

I give this book 4 stars. I think the mystery was done well, but what shined to me was the characterization. I liked the vulnerability of Tessa and the way she learned to do what was right for herself in the end. I'm so leery of her "handlers" and that is a great thread to have open for the next books in the series. Are the good guys really the good guys? ;) The main mystery is wrapped up so there are no cliffies, only threads that you would expect in a series that can go in several directions. Sign me up for that! :) I recommend it to those that enjoy a fun adventure reminiscent of the X-men.