Spartan Frost

Spartan Frost - Jennifer Estep Although I was disappointed the cover wasn't a vision of Logan, this is his POV of what had recently transpired in the last book, Crimson Frost. I admit I have a love/hate/love relationship with this spartan, but it's been all love lately, so I was excited to get to this novella.

What I enjoyed in this short book was how you really get a glimpse of his feelings for Gwen and the havoc the last adventure played on his confidence. Not many questions are answered for the series, but this isn't a book for that... we just get a glimpse of Logan and his life.


What I needed more of is... LOGAN! I would love to know more from his POV. Granted that would take a full novel and not a novella, so I'm hoping for more POVs. I will take more novellas. I would love to see something more romantic from him as well.

My only complaint is that parts of the book were a bit repetitive. Not so much that it pulled me out of the book, but enough to notice. My other complaint was that it was too short and ended abruptly. However, this is to be expected since it is a filler novella and not a novel.

I give the novella 3 1/2 stars. I can't wait to dive into Midnight Frost and I'm looking forward to more novellas (crosses fingers) from Logan's POV. :)