Tarnished - Rhiannon Held Yes, I did it again. I was sent this book for review and I knew it was the second book in the series, but I decided to try it anyway. This is a book that should not be read out of order. Not that I couldn't pick up and get into the book, because I did enjoy myself, but because you will miss a lot of information about Silver. She is one of the major characters in this book and despite my lack of knowledge of what happened before she actually captured most of my attention. She is unusual for a were and quite interesting.

The world in this book is quite interesting. A lot of political wrangling with a wolfish twist. Not just what you say matters, but in how you smell when you say it as well as body language counts more than with humans. However, as the are somewhat related to humans there are some similarities. And while this world is quite interesting it isn't all politics. Quite a bit of adventure to be had with a few very bad guys to be defeated. Not all are defeated by brawn, but also by brain. This is what made the world so captivating

Even though the world is interesting, I'd have to say the book shines when it comes to characters. While I felt I missed a lot with not knowing about Silver completely (totally my fault), she still shined for me. I also loved Dare her mate as well as the secondary characters. The lone human amongst the were, Susan, really shined and I loved her contrast as well as similarities to the were. Usually in these stories the human is the weak link, but Susan proved to be anything but that. I really enjoyed her.

I give this book 4 stars. I wouldn't recommend reading out of order as I have, but I am glad I still read this book. I really enjoyed my time here in this world. I recommend it for those that really enjoy were stories.