The Saints

The Saints - Lex Thomas Ah this book seemed to take some of my criticism of the parts that left me befuddled and gave me some of the answers I craved. We get to know where the parents have gone (some) and how those girls never seem to get pregnant. I'm glad that cleared those major things up so the parts that still are left unanswered didn't bother me as much. I did need a few pieces of that puzzle. I still want to know how they survive without getting infections from their wounds.

In a sense this is much like the last book in terms of the kids behaving in a wild manner. The plot is mostly about what happens when kids are left to their own devices. While I wanted more of the inner workings of the kids I got a bit of it, but not much again. Still, this isn't about character growth as much as it is about survival.

There is one aspect I thought I'd mention. The girls interactions seemed very male to me. They way they spoke and joked with each other was more male than female. However, it didn't bother me to take me out of the story, just something I noticed. I will also say this: At least the girls talked about something other than boys. They were also concerned about survival.

I give this book 3 stars. I did like it a bit better than the first and the ending, while not a cliffie, really left you with some questions that might be answered within the next book. You really do want to know what happens to these characters. I do suggest this one to the older YA crowd due to the prevalence of sex and extreme violence. It can get quite gory.