Midnight Frost

Midnight Frost - Jennifer Estep Oh another installment in the Mythos Academy series! Ah... but *puts thinking cap on* *worries that it doesn't fit* *shrugs* how do I talk about the book so I don't spoil anything for those that still need to read book 1? I know! Insist that everyone read all 4 books so I can talk freely. That works, right? LOL

In this book I admit I was worried that Gwen might end up whining a bit more than would be warranted despite the fact that she had several good reasons in the past to whine. However, Gwen never disappoints me in this regard and always knows how to get her head on straight when it is needed. Again I am happy we have an intelligent and kick arse heroine to lead us through the Chaos Wars.

The only tiny spoilerish (only if you haven't read the other books) tid bit I will let loose is about Logan. I was worried I was going to go back to the love/hate/love/hate relationship we had in the past. While I won't say if we achieved backward book relationship status or not, but I will say that this part is satisfying. I was worried we might have to go through another book to find out if Gwen would get her answer about Logan. We get one here.

I give this book 4 1/2 stars. My biggest complaint is that I don't have the next book in my hot little hands right now. Well, that and I don't have a fenrir wolf next to me. Yes, I LOVE the mythical creatures in this book. I hope for more insights into these creatures as the books continue.