Kindred and Wings

Kindred and Wings - Philippa Ballantine I reviewed Hunter and Fox and thought it would be a great introduction to those that want to read fantasy, but just haven't tried one yet. This book is the sequel but it is more heavily into the fantasy world than the first. I think that first book leads you easily into this one. However, just don't take too long to read this one or I would suggest rereading the first before diving into the second installment.

In this book we continue where we left off in the first book. We find ourselves less concerned with the characters than the world. The characters are still important, but do take a back seat to the shifting world and what happened before. It is all about taking that world that was established in the first book and making a puzzle out of it. We find that it was already a puzzle, but we weren't completely aware of that fact until now. The mystery of why things happened to the people of this world isn't as easily known as we first thought. We even find that those we deemed evil outright have a softer side. Nothing is straight forward and the more knowledge we gather a much fuller picture emerges. So, it is the unraveling of the world we knew as well as the build up of that world. With all the details the author gives, I commend her vast imagination of a world that you are convinced could exist. There is enough detail to make it work.

I give this book 4 stars. It is much more rooted in the fantasy type reads out there than the first. I enjoyed this installment and really liked the way this book pulls at the strings of our characters prejudices and fills them with correct knowledge. I recommend it to those that enjoy fantasy.