Storm Warrior

Storm Warrior - Dani Harper Hm... a the fae, a veterinarian, a BIG puppy (mastiff), lots of other animals, a few rescues, and an alpha male who is patient, kind and has a way with animals. Yea, you can say I enjoyed this PNR. The heroine, Morgan, only believes in science but has a big heart for all animals. She works hard at her profession and in fact is so busy she has to hire out for help.

Oh but do I want to reveal more? It's not a hard book to figure out nor are there a lot of big twists to the tale, but I enjoyed exploring what happened to the characters in this book. I want you to do the same. I will say that I really enjoyed these characters. Morgan is a sensible but kind hearted person who leads with her heart with animals but with her head when it comes to romance. However Rhys may change her mind. Oh and Rhys. Not your typical needing a kick in the arse alpha male. He is kind, and patient and is quick minded. He has been through hell but won't let that rule his life. I really enjoyed this hero.

I also should mention the secondary characters. Those were fun. There is a fae that is befriended that is a hoot and the old curmudgeon neighbor is someone who blossoms as the story goes along. There are also the unusual vet and his wife who have no problem believing in Rhys and what happened to him in the past. The couple is fun, but we don't get much of them, but I think we will get more of them as the series goes on. I think they could be the comic relief of the bunch when we do get more of the couple.

I give this book 4 stars. I enjoyed my time in this world and look forward to the next book in this series. I recommend it to those that enjoy PNR, animal rescue, animals in general and some smexy "best. butt. ever." (end quote). ;)