Flicker & Burn

Flicker & Burn - T.M. Goeglein I read Cold Fury a while ago so I couldn't wait to read this one when I heard it was available for review. The main problem not being solved in the first book we are still trying to solve that problem within this book. Several twists and turns appear in this book. Some were quite surprising. And although I did enjoy this book, there were a few problems I had with this installment.

One of the problems was that I became very frustrated with Sara Jane. Her decisions made me want to scream when it came to her friends. Granted I could see why she either didn't want to trust them or couldn't, but the way she handled these people just frustrated me. Especially when it came to her cousin. These decisions really brought the book down for me. It didn't ruin it though.

Despite my problems with the book, I really enjoyed the rest. It had the same sense of adventure as the first one and I did enjoy the strangeness added to the plot. It just added a layer of intenseness to her plight. It may not be for everyone, however. :) Still, I am strange so it spoke to me. ;)

In the end I give this book 3.5 stars. I enjoyed the adventure despite my frustration with Sara. I need the next one because the main problem is still unsolved (no cliffie ending though).