The Emblazoned Red

The Emblazoned Red - Dawn McCullough-White I found this an odd combination of several genres. One was fantasy where a young woman is a warrior in a religion is thrust between politics and her beliefs. Another was a sort of historical romance where she is found by a pirate captain who intrigues her. Last, there is a vampire who lives in the world she is sworn to protect. Yes, it is an odd combination, but I don't shy away from odd. I've read books where these worlds are woven into one another but I have to say that this one isn't quite successful. It feels as if each of those genres are plunked down into the world instead of seamlessly blended within.

I did enjoy Ilka. She is someone who was born to privilege but finds the simple life much more appealing. She is happy in her station and even defies those that have a sense of what they feel is right for another. She does not let others dictate her place in life nor her wants and needs. I do like a character like that. I also liked the pirate Nate, but still found him oddly placed within this world. So, I had a bit of a problem with the romance, but nothing that I couldn't just ignore when reading.

I give this book 3 stars. It is an odd combination of worlds that are placed together, but that might be just what some people are wanting. It does make it a bit different than your usual read and I am curious as to what happens next. Especially since you are left wanting! :)