Heart of Venom

Heart of Venom - Jennifer Estep Wow! I've been a fan of this series for a while now and we are at #9. I have to say I just loved this book and it gave me everything I've been wanting for a while now in this series. I won't say too much as I don't want to spoil it for anyone nor do I want to spoil it for those that haven't started this series yet.

First, I will say that this was a Sophia heavy book. I have been wanting to know more about Sophia for a long time. She is just one of the mysterious secondary characters that just captured my attention. In fact the book centers around her and that just made me ecstatic!

There is also another part in the book that readers have been clamoring. We want to know about what happens with Owen and Gin. All I will say is that there is a conclusion to that arc in the storyline but I won't say if it is positive or negative. No, I can't say more... *sigh*

I give this latest installment 5 stars. I really loved this one mostly because we get to know Sophia a bit more and it is as action packed as the previous installments in this series.