Ghosts Know

Ghosts Know - Ramsey Campbell The author writes horror, but for me this book was more a thriller mystery book. I could see how it is labeled horror as you did feel like you were on the edge of your seat trying to figure out what was going on. The main character, Graham Wilde is an arrogant radio show host who is trying to please everyone for a job he hates. He is quick to anger, but has not shown any real aggression... or has he? Unfortunately I did not like his character until the end. Still, I was drawn to what was happening and wanted to solve the murder mystery he found himself surrounded.

I didn't like Graham because he was arrogant, too quick to anger and he kept pulling stupid stunts and getting himself integrated into the murder mystery. He just couldn't see what he was doing to himself because he was too busy pointing the finger at others. However, it was a very clever way by the author to get him involved in a murder he wouldn't have any real association with otherwise.

I also admit that I was a bit lost at the beginning. Not sure why or if it was me or the book, but I just couldn't keep who was who straight in my head until about 1/2 the book. It wasn't crucial to the mystery, just confusing. This also wasn't a big character driven book for me, but it drove me in it's plot. I really became involved in who did what and why.

I give this book 3 stars. I personally like a more character driven plot but I will say that the mystery itself really drew me in. I do like the twists and turns this book took and I didn't guess who did it in the end. So for those that like a book that keeps you guessing, this may be your book!