Cold Spell

Cold Spell - Jackson Pearce I knew that the stories build on themselves, but had only read Fathomless, the last book in this series. It did help me to have read that last book and now I do want to read the ones prior as well. Sort of work my way back to where it all started. I may even understand more by the time the next book appears. :)

This one is based on the Snow Queen with the author's own twist. In this book the Queen was once an Ocean Girl who gained back her memories and therefore broke from the pack. She finds she can manipulate the water into snow which slows down her pursuers. She is also lonely and finds that what was done to her she can do to others and they become her companions until she is bored with them and discards them. Kai captures the Queen's interest but Ginny, the girl he loves and loves him back, decides to fight the Queen. It is what happens on Ginny's quest to get back the boy she loves is the real story here. It is her growth and the way she finds that she can love another without being lost herself. In fact, she finds herself along the way and it opens up a sense of freedom she never knew before. I also enjoyed the secondary characters in this tale. I'm curious to see if either of those will take precedence in the next installment of this series. If so, I would enjoy reading it.

One of my biggest complaints of the story is that the romance between Ginny and Kai is poorly developed at the beginning, but as stories were told I did finally get why there was such a connection between the two. The adventure slowly reveals the tale of their romance and that was better than finding the instant connection at the beginning. So my complaint turned into a positive in the end.

I give this book 4 stars. I enjoyed my time here and really enjoyed the growth Ginny goes through in her adventure. I recommend it to those that enjoy retellings and those following this series which I now need the first 2 books. :)