Endless - Amanda Gray I do enjoy a time travel novel. Most of the times I can ignore the parts where a lot of people have to shout, "It can't happen like that!" because I'm more invested in the characters and their story. It was like that here. I did become invested in Jenny and Ben mostly. I did like the other characters, but these two were my favorites. I really enjoyed their friendship and how they started to slowly open up to each other.

When Nikolai came onto the scene, I was intrigued. However, for some reason I cannot put my finger on, I just didn't fully buy Jenny and Nikolai's romance. It didn't feel false, and how it came about make some sense, but I don't think my ability to ignore the "but" worked here. For example: I can see why there are intense feelings present but Jenny has lived a different life and why would she so easily succumb to those feelings without some reflection or a bit more questioning. Perhaps it is because she is so young? Still, it was a bit fast for me.

I did enjoy the novel, but it sort of seemed like something I've read before. Not that something like that is necessarily a negative (don't we all read the same stories over and over because we enjoy the trope?) but I was wanting a bit more variation on my time travel story. I will fully admit, this might have been just me and where I was when I read it. I would still pick up the next story to see where it goes. I give this novel 3 stars.