The Accidental Werewolf

The Accidental Werewolf - Dakota Cassidy I do love humor PNR and so I just knew I would enjoy this book. Plus, if anyone has the pleasure of reading Dakota Cassidy's social media posts, you knew she had a great sense of humor. I was not disappointed. :)

In the beginning I admit I did worry. Marty was someone who, at first glance, could really get on my nerves. She seemed shallow and a bit too pert and perfect. However, that lasted for about half a second before we really started to get to know Marty. While it did take a while to know her, it didn't take me long to know I would enjoy this character. Oh and speaking of characters... LOVED Nina, a secondary character and Marty's friend. You need snark? Nina has it in spades.

I give this book 4 stars. It has everything I enjoy: snark, humor, good secondary characters, swoony guy, and character growth. Oh and can't forget Muffin... the teacup poodle with an attitude. :) This was a good first book in introducing these characters. I will read them all! :)