The Spider

The Spider - Jennifer Estep If you have followed this blog for long, you know I love this series. In fact, I've read it in order (don't faint)! So happy to get to read #10. This is one that you could probably read a bit out of order, but not too early in the series. Only because it would spoil a few revelations in Gin's life. Hm... na, read them in order, you'll enjoy it more. :)

In this story we get a bit of Gin's background, when she was still learning and becoming "The Spider". You knew that there would be hard lessons to learn or she wouldn't have been as skilled as she is and as smart. In this one we get a naive young adult Gin still learning how to be patient, how to read people. You see her falling for the wrong guy and you are yelling at her to take heed to what her loved ones were saying to her. Even in her happiness, you do not feel it because you just know it will end in tragedy... or someone's blood. This isn't a huge spoiler since you know it from about the moment Fletcher starts getting the vibe that something is off. He had it from the beginning.

What was also enjoyable is seeing how many people important to her life now passed through when she was so young. Also, I must warn you.... as with all other Gin books, do not read this one on an empty stomach. All these books revolve around good food and this one is no different. You will want her to come cook for you even if you are putting yourself on the line by doing it. Just check out those food descriptions! :D

I give this book a 4 1/2. I really enjoyed my time with the young spider and wouldn't mind more stories like this! This series is recommended to those that enjoy UF and a bloody good time.