Witch Fall

Witch Fall - Amber Argyle Yes, I have read this series in order... and guess what? You don't have to do that with this book. You could start here and then go to book 1 in this series. Why? Because it is a prequel. I didn't even realize that until about half way through the book. It had been a while since I had visited this world so that is why it took me so long. I was happy that it does take place in the past. It answers a lot of questions I had about the "time before". Also, if you are with me and have read these in order, I caution you... you will then want to go back to the first book and read them again.

I really enjoyed my time in this world and was quickly swept away by the characters. As frustrating as some of the parts of Lilette's life could be, I didn't find her annoying and rooted for her every step of the way. I only had one quibble with the plot. There were a few twists in the end which I enjoyed but one I just didn't believe. For the sake of not spoiling things, I will not say what that twist was, but it didn't go with the personality of one character. It didn't ring true. However, it also didn't spoil my time in the world and I didn't hate that twist. I actually liked it despite not believing it. It helped the rest of the book flow smoother... oddly enough. :)

I give this book 4 stars. I really enjoyed this prequel and recommend it to those that like YA fantasy or even a good witchy story.