Circle of Fire

Circle of Fire  - Keri Arthur This is a book that was previously published but is being rereleased. This is a PNR shifter type of story with your standard HEA at the end. It has no cliffie *cheers* so it can be read as a standalone and I suspect the next book will be another couple. I enjoy those since you can read out of order (but since this is the first one, of course that isn't the issue here) and not be lost.

The story is one we are quite familiar. Trouble starts we have to opposing and flawed characters, neither of whom are looking for love. As they are forced to work together we see the sparks fly and they try to balance solving the issue as well as trying not to fall for each other. Something we know is inevitable. Okay, so it is predictable, but still fun to see how they do it in the specific world created here. We are also introduced to knowing the Damask Circle exists, but nothing more. Something to build upon in the coming books.

I give this story 3 stars. It is a fun PNR where you want to sometimes kick both characters in the arse for not dealing with the emotions they obviously have for each other. You will probably enjoy this one if you are in the mood for a PNR with a bit of action.