Lady Thief

Lady Thief - A.C. Gaughen After reading Scarlet, I was happy to be able to pick up Lady Thief right after. The book starts out where the last left off and we find that we are not completely rid of Gisbourne. Gisbourne finds a way to manipulate Scarlet but knowing her from the last book, you know she doesn't go with unarmed wit. Although you question the sincerity of Gisbourne and Scarlet's ability to thwart a trap set by someone who knows her weaknesses, you still find yourself rooting for Scarlet to help defeat the court of posers.

The story in this book follows most of what we know about the story of Robin Hood trying to obtain the title of sheriff. However, in this book it is the women who, despite not having much power, seem to be the ones of cunning wit. Often in these stories the woman is the one who ends up fumbling dumbly trying to set things right. In this one, it seems it is the men that are largely ineffectual. I praise the fact that the women don't feel like that, but I still hate it when characters who are seemingly supposed to be strong just aren't and feel ineffectual. Robin took the place of where most women get trapped and it still frustrated me. However, I still really enjoyed the fact that Scarlet became our true hero.

I give this book 4 stars. I warn you about the ending. Not quite a cliffie, but it does leave us hanging and wanting that next book immediately. The first book didn't do that, but did leave threads open. I'm not a fan of those endings, but at least it didn't feel like a complete cliffhanger. (btw, do check out the trailer below... lol)