Tin Star

Tin Star - Cecil Castellucci This is a short book that I read within a day. I warn those that don't like sci-fi... it is VERY sci-fi. I do like those kinds of things so it suited me well.

In this book we meet Tula who is going to help colonize other planets. She runs into trouble by questioning Brother Blue who then beats her to near death. Tula is smart from the start and finds a way to survive the brutal beating. She is abandoned on a space station and finds a way to survive it's harsh realities. This is a story of survival where everything is alien and, in fact, where you are the alien. No other humans live on the space station.

There are a couple of secondary characters I really enjoyed. Hecklebeck who grew on you as the story progressed. I found it so interesting that you really get to know an alien who is more like an insect and come to care for him. Tourndour is the other character. He is station manager and authority. Both of them look out for her is subtle ways and help her survive. There are others, but the book brings out those two as the most important to her survival.

I liked the way the book really shows how intelligent and strong Tula was. You really get to see how she survives very well. Later in the book she finally sees other humans. The contrast was palpable. It also showed how much Tula was able to adapt to her surroundings so much better than most humans are capable. It really make her feel stronger.

I give this book 4 stars. I really enjoyed my time with Tula and can't wait to see what else is in store for this character. I recommend it to those that love sci-fi and perhaps fantasy.