Clipped Wings

Clipped Wings - Helena Hunting Oh a contemporary romance! I don't often read these, but it has an element I usually gravitate toward.... creativity! The creative elements in this story is tattooing and drawing. Something artsy is usually an element that will draw me in.

This is a story about Hayden and Tenley. Both have been through horrific experiences that have clouded the way they see themselves. Tenley's is much fresher than Hayden's experience, but both have been hurting in some way. Both don't want to reveal themselves to the other in fear that the information will alter the other's perspective. Within the grip of what they have it helps loosen up their resolve and small parts of their horror present themselves to each other. Not always on their time table or in the time of their choosing. Yes, there is angst and drama, but it doesn't feel too drawn out into becoming annoying.

I did have a few red flags when it came to Hayden's behavior. He was quick to anger. It was uncontrollable at times and even Hayden was surprised at the level and swiftness. He also had problems with not being able to control his environment. He expressed it mostly in hating clutter, but it also seemed to leak onto other people. So someone who hates a lack of control and is quick to anger... not to mention a unhealthy dose of obsession... in the real world could spell trouble. However, in the fictitious world, everything is fine and he just needs to calm down.

So other than the red flag, I was curious as to how these two would eventually come together and all would be right in the world. I was also interested in the length of the book in getting there. It wasn't bad, but I kept being surprised we wouldn't get to certain parts until later. This helped to not give it an insta-love vibe, but I also thought it could have been paired down and edited a bit to really get the book being tight. Still, it did keep my interest.

So, I was reading away when...

Yep, pretty much how I felt. The book didn't just stop at a cliffie... it threw you off that cliff and you didn't even know it. I even thought my ereader got stuck and didn't get the last pages. I had to check to see to make sure I didn't get a bad copy or something. That almost made me give this book a 1 star. I really REALLY hate that. Not only that, I didn't really see the story into being more than a standalone. However, I'll be kind and rate the rest of the book. So, I give this book 2 stars. I recommend it to those that love two broken people coming together but I warn you that you aren't missing the rest of the book... it's just not there.