Turned - Virna DePaul A new PNR vampire series and it sounded fun. It was an easy quick read with lots of hot smexy scenes. In this book we have Ana and Ty. Ana has a past she has tried to outrun and Ty's past lead him to where he is today... a vampire working for the FBI unit called Belladonna. Both are tortured by their past and past wrongs. Both are lonely and find themselves drawn to each other in ways that surprise both of them.

My biggest problems with the book really stem from not knowing much about the Belladonna program. We do get quite a bit of insight, but so much of it is still left in the dark. However, I do feel this is intentional and more will be revealed as the series progresses. The other problem I had was with Ty. It seemed that his hormones overtook him at every corner to the point you wondered how he got anything done. It actually seemed to hamper me with my connection with him until at one point he showed true vulnerability to Ana. It seemed genuine and I felt that they belonged to each other after that. However, we kept getting the hot/cold attitude from him which confused Ana as well as me. Also, another vampire was thrown in the end and I wanted to know more. He left the book before I could ask him anything. Darn it! What is going on there?

Despite my problems with this book, I think it gave you what you are looking for in a PNR. Hot couple and a bit of a problem to solve with a bit of action. I give the book 3 stars and I would love to see where this vampire world takes us. I really want to know more about those darn disappearing vamps!