The Forever Song

The Forever Song - Julie Kagawa I wasn't sure what to expect with the last book in the series. I'm usually not a fan of last books, but I did enjoy this one. However, my impatience almost made me skim. I wanted to know what happened after that last horrible ending of the Eternity Cure and the author, Julie Kagawa, drew out our pain in increments. I knew I would regret any skipping so I was good although impatient. :)

Finally! I was rewarded with what I wanted to know. WHAT? That happened? I didn't expect that, but maybe I should have. But then again I am still surprised... hm... still enjoyed that twist but knew there was SO much more book to go. So I happily read on. :) (What? you thought I was going to tell you? Silly rabid... ) ;)

All I will finally say is that I give this ending 4 stars. It is a solid ending and it answers a lot of questions. There could be room for a novella or two and I hope it is with Jackal. I don't even care where it is placed in the series, just want one of him. Oh yea, he rocked in this book too. :D I recommend this series. It is fun. :D