Deep Blue

Deep Blue - Jennifer Donnelly This is a first book of four in the Waterfire Saga. In this book we are introduced to Serafina a mermaid destined to take over for her mother in ruling her area of the sea. Her betrothal is someone she did love, but isn't so sure of lately. The rumors of his actions of late leave the princess less than thrilled at the prospect as had been just a year ago. While you think at first this is what the book is about, there is a dark turn the book takes and now Seraphina must find out who she really is and what she cares about. She needs to find out what kind of ruler she is going to become. She meets others along the way set out with their own but entwining destiny with Seraphina and this book is mostly about uncovering those truths and what they reveal about who they will become.

I feel this is an easy read for a fantasy book. I actually think that MG readers would also be able to get into this book easily. I did have a few problems with the book and it had more to do with the actions of the mermaids forgetting they were under water. For example, how would one drink a specific drink? Without a straw or some apparatus like this, it would just mix with the water. One instance it was said that Seraphina had tears. I could see looking as if she was crying, but again tears, unless out of the water, would not be seen. I also remember one mermaid remarking that another had beads of sweat on her brow. These were minor but an example of when I think the world was confused with one on dry land.

I give this book 3 stars. Despite the flaws with consistency with the world building I think it was an easy and enjoyable read that young kids could easily slip into. I recommend it to those wanting to try a fantasy book with mermaids! :)