High and Wild

High and Wild - O.A. Brand This is a erotic western, a bit different than what I usually read so I thought I'd give it a try. The story is centered around Bear Haskell, a Pinkerton solving mysteries across the west. The adventure had a few twists and turns and even though the mystery is easily solved, it is entertaining. The smexy parts were written by a man. It is his perspective and he is a womanizer who women seem to want even if it isn't in her personality. His smexy scenes top every section with every curvaceous woman. No romance and no real connection. So, if you are looking for that kind of book, you might want to pass. If you want a book where the women just can't resist, then this is your book.

I did appreciate that the book didn't seem to demean women despite their inability to resist Bear. Still, I would have liked at least Raven to be able to deal with him on more than one level. This was attempted, but didn't quite connect to that level. The only other problem I had was that despite the background characters having many ethnicities, he did use the term half-breed more than once which bothered me. It is still considered a derogatory term.

I give this book 2 1/2 stars. I recommend it to those that want a male perspective on the erotic genre.