Queen of the Dark Things: A Novel

Queen of the Dark Things: A Novel - C. Robert Cargill I did not read the first one, but sort of knew what to expect after reading a few reviews of the first book. It was twisty like the first one is described and I didn't get lost. Yes, I knew I was missing story, but it was only important to know that things happened in the first book, not exactly what.

The book switches timelines quite frequently and is also interspersed with excerpts from a "book" that explains the mythology of various dark things. While it was quite interesting and kept me reading, it also kept me at arms length from the characters. I was never fully immersed into the plot despite my continued interest. I also need to say that even though it also skips timelines without fanfare, you don't get lost. I questioned it when it first happened, but it was obvious that is what happened and it gave you information you needed for the quest Colby was to embark.

In the end I give this book 3 stars. I actually enjoyed it and loved how the author brought together all kinds of mythology and folk tales to life. I especially enjoyed seeing La Llorona and Coyote. Coyote has always been my fave and because I know the La Llorona legend so well, I enjoyed seeing his dealings with her.

I recommend this to people who want something really different and like retellings of different mythology.