Bodyguard: Shifters Unbound

Bodyguard - Jennifer Ashley I was surprised that this was a short, but full story about a kodiak bear shifter and his newfound mate. i was really expecting a very short novella just introducing me to the series. I've been curious about this series and I feel like I got a good look into this world. In this story Elizabeth if running from her past and taking care of her sister when Ronan saves her life during a robbery. She finds herself in danger because she lived and so Ronan immediately decides to help her even further with her problem. Of course this is a PNR so the romance was a bit fast, but still interesting. The couple ended up making me smile more than once and the other characters surrounding Ronan also captured my attention. I give this book 4 stars and feel like it was a fun PNR shifter novel and I do think I'll be reading more in the Shifters Unbound world.