Odin's Ravens

Odin's Ravens - K.L.  Armstrong, M.A. Marr I admit, the reason I picked up the first book, Loki's Wolves was because Kelley Armstrong and Melissa Marr were the authors. I don't often read MG, but sometimes it doesn't matter what audience it targets, since a good story is a good story no matter what age. :)

I can start with my biggest complaint... it took too long to get here! You were left with a big cliffie from the last book and this one picks right up where you were after the first one. It took me only a moment to remember what had happened even if it was a while ago... I'm just impatient and wanted that adventure. It starts off strong and doesn't let up. Like the last book, the spellings of the norse gods and objects have not changed for ease of reading for the age group it targets. I appreciated that in the last book and appreciate it here as well. I love books that don't talk down to kids (even if I couldn't for the life of me pronounce any of the words correctly).

As far as the ending with this book? Yes, there is a cliffie, but I was expecting it. Still, it wasn't as heart stopping as the last, but it does it's job and makes you want the book even more. I do like the way the book is heading and the adventure it provides. Therefore, I give it 3 1/2 stars and I am looking forward to the next adventure leading to Ragnarök.