The Girl with the Windup Heart

The Girl with the Windup Heart - Kady Cross This is the final installment in the Steampunk Chronicles. For those that have been following the story all loose ends seemed to be pretty wrapped up. There were two stories within this book. One was with the Machinist, Griffin and Finley. The other had to do with Jack Dandy and Mila. I have to be honest, I wasn't too happy with splitting the focus. I would have rather have one book and one novella. The Jack/Mila storyline could have easily ended up as a novella. The ending also seemed rather rushed. One minute there was no hope and the next everything is HEA. Not that I'm complaining too much, I need my HEA. :) I will say that it does feel complete and that is so good for an ending series book.

The book was an easy read and those that love this series from the beginning will enjoy this installment as well. I give this book 3 stars. While I enjoyed each story, I wanted to me immersed into each story. I didn't want to be taken out and rejoin the adventure I had left only moments ago. I enjoyed seeing more of Jack, but even he didn't seem to shine as brightly in this book. Again, I am thinking it is because my attention was split. I do recommend it to those that enjoy a fun steampunk series and those that have joined Finley from the beginning... you don't want to miss this one at all.