Strange Country

Strange Country - Deborah Coates I've read the other 2 books in the trilogy and I was so happy when I got this one for review. I've enjoyed the other books and I needed the conclusion that would wrap up everything. I did get that in this installment.

My favorite aspects of this trilogy are the paranormal aspects. The author is very descriptive which will enthrall some and for others it will slow the book down. When the paranormal aspects are in play, you will praise the author for bringing it so visually to you. For the more "mundane" aspects, it is up to your tastes really. I do tend to like more descriptive language as long as it doesn't bog too much down and although I felt it slowed things down considerably here, I still found myself flying through the pages.

This book is also less paranormal than the last book. The paranormal aspects seem to be inserted with the mystery surrounding the small community. While the solution was paranormal in nature, it also seemed to fit within a contemporary theme. In other words, it was paranormal and yet taking the paranormal out, it would fit in a contemporary murder mystery.

I give this book 4 stars. I feel it was a good ending to the trilogy. I even gave the first 2 to my mother (who likes mysteries) and she enjoyed these as well. I recommend it to those that like something different and for those that like paranormal mixed with their mystery.