Reckoning - Kerry Wilkinson The story to me was a mash other other YA dystopians especially in the beginning. You can easily see a mix of The Hunger Games paired with Divergent. The rest of the story, while engaging, was not surprising. I'm sure with that opening you think I didn't like the book. Even though it was quite predictable and seemed more like a retelling of popular dystopians, I still became engaged and rooted for the kids in this story.

I think my favorite parts of the books were the characters. I did like Silver because she questioned things constantly despite being brought up to think the king and his rule was infallible. I've always liked a character like that and there is always room for growth. I also did like some of the world building. Often you don't quite get the feel of how impossible questioning dystopian authority could be, but in this book you are able to really see and understand the impossibility of it. I think these are the reasons I became so engaged in this book.

I give this story 4 stars. While it may not be original, the writing of the characters and the world seem to really help pull this story together. I recommend it to those that enjoy YA dystopians.