Talk This Way

Talk This Way - Dakota Cassidy I recently read Talk Dirty To Me and really enjoyed myself. I was curious and was told that more Landon was in the prequel so I snatched it up and finally had some time to devour the book. Only 89 pages so it was extremely easy to devour this quickly.

Even though it is a novella Dakota Cassidy packs all the punches of a novel. Although the romance is hot and quick, there is enough time to slow it down in a few places so it didn't feel like insta-love even though in all intents and purposes... it was. :) You did get more Landon than in the first book, but it still isn't enough for me. Even though he doesn't get his romantic HEA, you still wish that there was a way for him to have it... *sigh* He is still my favorite character.

I give this novella 4 1/2 stars. It feels complete and satisfying... and I warn you... keep a couple of tissues nearby. I recommend it to those that enjoy adult contemporary romance.