Mortal Danger

Mortal Danger - Ann Aguirre The story starts off with a girl thinking about suicide. In fact she is just about to do it when Kian comes into her life and gives her the opportunity to change things. While I like the opening concept, I did have some problems with the beginning of the story. Although I did like Edie her main goal is to make the mean kids at school pay. Now this is perhaps just me, but I detest mean girl (or guy) stories. I hate it when the victim becomes the perpetrator. What saved this part for me is that Edie couldn't truly commit to the mean girl part and found herself having sympathy for her tormentors. Still, it isn't a story I would have wanted to read.

So then the second half of the book happened...

Wow. This part was creepy and read like a horror story. I became more invested into the story and wanted desperately for Edie to find the perfect solution out of her mess. Not sure who we are dealing with so not sure how it could have played out differently. I really enjoyed Edie in this part of the story even though I thought she was still too liberal with her wishes. I think she should have searched for more information on who is playing this "game" and what that "game" entails. She may not have gotten her answers, but I would have liked a bit more of a quest for those specific answers. She does seem like a smart girl, so I have no doubt she will gain those answers eventually.

I give this book 3 1/2 stars. While I was not a fan of the first half of the book, I still found myself engaged. I was a fan of the second half of the book. The twisty world these people inhabit make for one wild ride. I do need that next book to see how or if Edie can beat the game.