Night Sky by Suzanne and Melanie Brockmann

Night Sky - Suzanne Brockmann, Melanie Brockmann

We start with a bang in this book and then we work backwards. I get why this is done... to capture your attention and then go with the explanation, but I became a bit frustrated after the first chapter. I wanted to go back to that initial "problem" and move forward from there. Of course if that would have happened, I would have wanted more information... so I guess it worked out in the end. :)

I did enjoy Skylar as a character. Loved watching her grow, but what really captured me was the secondary characters in this book. In some ways they even outshined Skylar. I loved them all! I even liked her mother who seemed a bit on the nutter side. I have a feeling there will be more to that relationship in the coming series.

I enjoyed the mystery in this one as well. It wasn't too hard to figure out, but there were a few small twists along the way. It left you with a good understanding of this world but with several questions left yet to be answered. I feel that those questions are going to be a part of a big arc in this series. There were a few inconsistencies with the girl's power toward the end, but nothing that bothered me. I also had problems with a few words that were on repetition. Still, these things were minor and didn't really pull me too far out of the story.

I give this book 4 stars. It is a pretty good start to a series I wish to continue. I recommend it to those that enjoy the superhero type and kick ass female characters.